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Why am I running?

  •  It’s time to return our schools to the learning focused, student-centered environment that our children deserve.
  • It’s time for a pro-parent agenda.
  • It’s time to respect, not abuse taxpayer dollars.
  • It’s time to make the safety and security of our students and staff a top priority.

Why Place 4?

  • It's time to remove Cory Vessa from the RRISD board of trustees.
    •  On Vessa's watch, enrollment dropped from 51k to 46k resulting in oppressive recapture payments
    •  Demanded and forced continued virtual learning (which doesn’t work for most children)  to RRISD’s plans for Fall 2021
    • Participated in the hiring of an unqualified superintendent
    • Voted to reinstate the superintendent in March 2022 (after three months of paid administrative leave) counter to the recommendation of the investigator
    •  Opposes a meaningful fiscal audit in RRISD to address the bloated administration and wasteful spending and instead she obsesses about shaking down the legislature for more money
    • Violated Board operating procedures by claiming to speak for the board in a Texas House hearing against a bill not listed in RRISD’s legislative priorities
    • Regularly excuses herself from board meetings citing an inability to cope with what is being said
    • Voted in favor of a school police force that later coordinated the arrest of two fathers in their homes and has resulted in a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit against RRISD
    •  Was removed by the board from the role of Vice President in July 2021
    •  She is regularly criticized by staff members for overstepping her role


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